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Top 10 strangest items sold on eBay

Retail Digital takes a look at some of the most bizarre items to be auctioned on eBay in recent years
 Top 10 strangest items sold on eBay

The number of people who attend live auctions may not be increasing by leaps and bounds but the number of people who use eBay definitely is. eBay has an estimated 19 million users and an additional two million guest viewers every day. The numbers continue to grow and for good reason.

It is a great site to find what you want for a discounted price. Nearly everything is available from video games and household appliances to clothing and cars. Remember the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” That phrase personifies eBay. Items taking up space in your house could be coveted and put to use by others, making you money in the process.  
While some items on eBay are rare or very useful, there have also been some odd and completely ridiculous postings.
Retail Digital takes a look at some of the strangest things to be sold on eBay in recent years.
10. Who needs Grandma?
Zoe Pemberton, a 10-year old girl from England, made the news back in 2009 for an attempted eBay sale. She listed her 61-year old grandmother for sale and advertised her as being “annoying” but “cuddly.”
Hearing about a young girl listing her grandmother for sale on a website is humorous but the story takes a strange twist when bids actually came in.
A few days later eBay stepped in and shut down the bidding. A spokesperson cited the reason behind the cancellation of the sale as a breech in regulations on human trafficking. The grandmother had knowledge of the posting and claimed it was never intended to be taken seriously.
9. A cornflake worth its weight in gold
Two sisters from Virginia turned a box of cornflakes, which normally cost around $3.50, into a lucrative investment. The box contained a flake resembling the state of Illinois. The girls posted the state-shaped- flake on eBay and the final sale price was $1,350.

This is part of what makes eBay such an interesting site and keeps people coming back and doing business. There have been numerous stories of individuals posting items found in their attic or basement and selling them for large amounts of money. 

8. The price of life

We often hear about how much CEOs of major corporations are “worth” but a man living in Australia actually sold his “life” for £192,000. The man was recently divorced and in desperate need of a new beginning so he decided to completely rid himself of his former possessions and surroundings.

The sale of this “life” included his home and everything inside of it, a jet ski, motorcycle, car, and his job.

The man’s name is Ian Usher and Walt Disney Pictures has picked up the option to produce his story. A movie documenting the sale of his “life” may be in the works and he has already written a book about the two year adventure he embarked on after the sale.

7. Ad space available

A few years ago a new form of advertising began when a company paid a boxer to write their brand name across his back. This took advertising to a whole new level. It was definitely attention grabbing and those watching the fight in the arena and on television had no choice but to see the brand printed directly across the back of the boxer. The bold marketing plan had people talking and caused a stir, which was the goal along with increasing business.

Andrew Fischer, from Omaha Nebraska, decided to adopt this form of advertising but added a twist. He auctioned ad space across his forehead for 30 days to the highest bidder. He agreed to get a temporary tattoo of the slogan, domain name, or logo of the winner's choosing. The winning bid was $322.  

6. Bubble gum

A woman posted a piece of gum chewed by Britney Spears on eBay and the winning bid was $14,000. The gum was acquired at a concert in Wembley Arena in London. 

5. The Virgin Mary…sandwich

A 10-year old grilled cheese sandwich was sold on eBay for $28,000. The advertisement claimed that the unique sandwich featured an “image of the Virgin Mary”. Others saw the image on the bread for themselves and agreed according to reports. 

In the past images of the Virgin Mary have been found on various items including trees, air conditioning units, and images made from water stains. Some people have been able to make a profit from these Virgin Mary sightings while others have shared them free of charge.

4. Human Liver

The list of people waiting on organ donors is growing daily with some willing to spend large amounts of money in a desperate bid to move their name higher up the list. A man from Florida auctioned his liver on eBay and received a number of bids. The bidding actually reached $5.7 million before eBay canceled it and removed the posting due to its policy against the sale of human organs on eBay.

3. Brussels sprout

Andrew Henderson in England posted Brussels sprouts that had been cooked on Christmas day. The winning bid was £99.50. The proceeds were for charity, which justifies overpaying.

2. Virginity

An 18-year old British girl was willing to sell her virginity to earn money to fund her education. The post somehow avoided eBay’s policies and was not removed. A businessman won the bid and did the decent thing, he gave the girl the money she needed for college and declined her “service.”

1.Ghost trapped in a jar

This is one of the more outrageous items that have been posted on eBay. The user, Teajay101, was selling a jar that he believed contained a ghost. He was looking to get rid of the bottle because it was “terrorising the owner.”

The user made it very clear that he “would not be held responsible” if the “black thing” escaped the jar and that no refund was available. The bidding lasted a week long and ended at $50,922. Unfortunately, the winner did not pay for the ghost. 

Written by: Thomas Stone 

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