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Top 10 viral retail videos of 2011

Retail Digital takes a look at some of the most innovative advertising campaigns of the year, which includes offerings from Apple, T-Mobile and Nandos
 T-Mobile's Royal Wedding spoof tops the list

T-Mobile - Royal Wedding

24,677,083 YouTube views

Earlier this month, YouTube named T-Mobile’s spoof of the Royal Wedding as the most popular advert on the web this year among British viewers. The advert shows a host of royal look-a-likes dancing down the aisle to the East 17 classic “House of Love”.  The hilarious ad campaign was inspired by the growing trend of online wedding dance-videos.        

Littlewoods Christmas

1,257,087 YouTube views   
Littlewoods received a backlash of criticism for its Christmas advert, which was released last month. The advert shows children in a nativity play rapping and singing about the presents their mother’s have bought for them and not Santa. Critics branded the ad ‘sexist’ and ‘materialistic’ while many disgruntled parents called for it to be banned. The video received an impressive 1,257,087 views on YouTube.   

Nandos – The Last Dictator

1,010, 932 YouTube views
Nandos landed in hot water over its most recent advertising campaign, The Last Dictator, which featured a number of infamous dictator look-a-likes frolicking in the sun. The ad showed Robert Mugabe having a water pistol fight with Colonel Gaddafi and making sand angels with Saddam Hussein. P.W Botha and Idi Amin doubles also made cameo appearances in the viral video.  The advert sparked a fierce political reaction in Zimbabwe among Mugabe loyalists and was consequently banned by the South African restaurant chain.  

T-Mobile Angry Birds

9,695,024 YouTube views
T-Mobile has earned a reputation for creating highly successful and innovative viral videos. The mobile phone company created a life-size version of the hit game, Angry Birds, in Barcelona. Its Angry Bird ad was another YouTube phenomenon.

ASOS Urban Tour in London

3,735,673 YouTube views
ASOS launched a global digital interactive campaign for menswear by BBH and StinkDigital, London. The campaign focused on the latest trends in culture, music, art and fashion from seven cities – London, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai. The ASOS Urban Tour in London video shows a group of talented dancers fully clad in ASOS clothing to promote the fashion brand’s autumn/winter 2011 collection.

John Lewis

3,639,221 YouTube views

John Lewis’ Christmas ad became an internet sensation on its release. The 90 second commercial features the track ‘Please, Please let me get what I want’ by Slow Moving Millie, which was originally recorded by the Smiths.

Macy’s Black Friday Justin Bieber

 2,785,165 YouTube views
Macy’s enlisted the help of pop sensation Justin Bieber for its Black Friday advertising campaign. The advert shows Bieber heading to Macy’s to take advantage of its holiday season deals and encountering a string of grown men who scream in excitement at the sight of him.

Apple iPhone 4S and Siri Christmas ad

967,727 YouTube views
Apple’s new iPhone 4S Christmas ad was only uploaded onto YouTube 20 hours ago but has already racked up a staggering 967,272 hits on YouTube. The advert shows Santa using his iPhone 4S and Siri, Apple's voice-controlled personal assistant, to fulfill his gruelling Christmas task.   

Kohl’s Rebecca ‘Black’ Friday ad

342,007 YouTube views
Rebecca Black launched to fame when her music video, Friday, became an unlikely and highly irritating viral sensation. Looking to capitalise on Black’s success, Kohl’s enlisted her to front its Black Friday shopping advertising campaign.  

M&S X Factor

322,151 YouTube views
The final 16 contestants of this year’s X Factor appeared in Marks and Spencer’s Christmas campaign, singing the classic Disney song from hit film Pinocchio, “When You Wish Upon a Star”. The X Factor was shrouded in controversy this year which reached its climax when Frankie Cocozza was axed for his wild antics off the stage. He was quickly edited out of the M&S advert following the scandal.  

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