US 'Geniuses' set for pay increase

Just two months after Apple's new Retail Chief joined the company, employees are already looking forward to a rise in their hourly pay
 Apple store geniuses can look forward to a pay rise in ..

Apple’s US stores will be living up to their status in terms of rates of pay, as it has been revealed that employees can expect changes in their paycheques as of mid-July.

The raises will be assessed on a performance based scheme, applying to both the sales side of the stores as well as the technicians, or ‘Geniuses’ as they are more commonly known.


At present, a salesperson can expect to earn between $9 and $15 per hour, while a ‘Genius’ currently gets paid an hourly rate nearer $30. However, upon new Retail Chief, John Browett’s appointment, the main grievance among shop floor employees was in reference to their wages.

This is not necessarily surprising given the stature of the Apple brand as a whole and the popularity of its stores. Coming under increasing pressure from Microsoft too, Browett has made it one of his priorities to bring the pay up to the same levels as the company’s overall status.

Browett joined the illustrious company’s retail arm in April from UK electrical store Dixons and certainly doesn’t have a lack of funds at his disposal to ensure the longevity of his workforce. Sales within Apple’s retail stores have more than doubled in the last three years, from $6.7 billion to around $14 billion.

At present, Apple boasts 350 stores around the world, employing 36,000 full time staff-members. Around two-thirds of these stores are located in the US, making this initiative a significant sign of change within the company’s flagship branches, and a difference in approach towards its loyal employees.

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