Fast food uniforms undergo a McMakeover

Wayne Hemmingway has unleashed a change of image for the world's most renowned fast-food chain, ironically being launched in time for the London Olympics
 New McDonald's uniforms to be unveiled in London outlet..

London 2012 may not be directly associated with the need for refining fast-food restaurants, but Wayne Hemmingway of HemmingwayDesign has earmarked the event as the perfect stage to unveil the new McDonald’s uniforms.

The new kit will only be on display in the four Olympic Park outlets at first, in time for the beginning of the Games in July, but the rest of the UK is due to follow suit later this year as Britain attempts to set the trend.

The added costs involved in overhauling an entire fleet of uniforms – especially with a company as large as McDonald’s – is thought to be putting off branches in the US as they continue to tackle more pressing issues of obesity and healthy menu options. However, if the new look brings about the increases in morale and revenue, as Hemmingway expects, then the wider, global McDonald’s co-operation may be swayed.

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"Humans don't operate on just one plain when they eat," Hemingway explained. "What people look at in a restaurant plays a role in how something tastes."

The new designs have a clear aim to remove some of the Americanism from the clothing. The classic fast-food style has been adopted for over 30 years, with the recognised baseball cap at the tip of the costume. This will all now be replaced by pickle green and mustard yellow polo shirts, while managers will fashion similar coloured skinny ties as well as belts. Lettuce green trousers will also be introduced while the infamous baseball caps and visors have been ditched in favour of more contemporary pageboy headwear.

The new uniforms are no doubt an improvement on the exiting dreary selection, and are even made from recyclable materials to enhance sustainability.

Overall, the response from employees in London has been upbeat, following a 300-person trial of the costumes.

"At first there was a slight worry about hats because everyone was used to wearing the baseball hat but now people seem to like it," stated Hemingway.

"With fashion you're never going to get 100 percent but by far, the vast majority of what we're getting are compliments."


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