British meat range headed by German store

German owned Lidl is well known for its cheap range of groceries, but has gone a step further to endear themselves to the British public
 Lidl becomes the largest seller of British meat

Discount retail store, Lidl are officially the number one seller of fresh British meat in the UK.

A change in initiatives has launched the new plan this week, and has sky-rocketed them straight to the top of the charts, boasting an impressive 80 percent of their range carrying the infamous Red Tractor logo.

This significant label indicates meat that has been accredited to farms inside the UK, and Lidl now find themselves six percent up on their nearest contenders. Morrison’s being the second best UK meat supplier, ahead of Asda who claim two-thirds of their produce to be home-grown, Tesco who supply around half, and lowly Sainsbury’s who only buy in 18 percent of their meat from domestic farms.

While the latter may profess that it is the quality of the produce that counts rather than the origin, the British public seem to disagree, with two-thirds declaring they prefer to buy home-grown meat and poultry as opposed to foreign imports.


Lidl will have certainly done their sales no harm whatsoever through this announcement and Georgina Hall from the company is excited about the prospective benefits it could have for them.

“We have brought about this rebrand in order to highlight to our customers that we are proud of the quality of our fresh British meat and poultry range, and that we are determined to support British farms by sourcing our fresh produce as locally as we can,” she explained.

“We are proud of the quality of our fresh British meat and poultry range and we will continue to do our bit to help boost the UK economy by buying from British farms.

“We have also listened to our customers, who look for confirmation on the high standards we insist upon when providing them with our quality, fresh, British meat and poultry. Through this, we are re-confirming to our customers what we already do to promote home-grown products, and are, hopefully, changing the misconception that our fresh meat and poultry is not, in fact, British.”

Red Tractor’s CEO, David Clarke has also applauded Lidl on their commitment to the domestic cause.

 “Lidl’s growing range of Red Tractor products demonstrates their continued commitment to quality food from quality Red Tractor farms, ensuring their customers have complete confidence in the food they are buying. This is a very exciting time for us, as we are working very closely to ensure that assured food continues to receive the level of support and recognition that it rightfully deserves.”

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