Marks & Spencer has come under fire for a bus advert promoting its new range of Autograph lingerie.
The M&S advert shows a woman wearing lingerie and stockings kneeling on a bed with her back arched, legs wide apart and with one arm behind her head and the other stroking her thigh.
Following a number of complaints from concerned parents, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) launched an investigation into Marks & Spencer's ad and has subsequently banned it for being ‘overtly sexual’.    
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Many branded the imagery used by the traditional high-street retailer as ‘sexually suggestive’ and ‘socially irresponsible’ because children are likely to see it.
ASA banned a Lynx advert just last week under similar circumstances, which demonstrates the advertising watchdog’s tougher line on “untargeted outdoor advertising”.
The stricter regulations follow a growing concern of the impact unrestricted sexual imagery in the media is having on children.     

“These rulings [on M&S and Lynx] are useful examples to the industry of the tougher line we’re taking on ads that are likely to be seen by children, following our announcement in October,” an ASA spokesman told reporters.
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