US retail giant Sears Holdings- parent of Sears and Kmart is aiming to compete directly with online entertainment king Netflix by launching a movie download service at its Sears and Kmart outlets. This service is known as Alphaline Entertainment and users will be able to use it on various devices including their cell phones.

Alphaline is powered by RoxioNow from Sonic Solutions.

As reported by Brandweek, Sears and Sonic Solutions said that content would be available the same day, with DVD releases on a "growing network of devices," including portable media players, Blu-ray disc players, mobile phones and high-definition TV sets. As of now, the service is not available on iPod's or PSPs.

This exclusive service will also offer customers the facility to download movies and TV shows, which are released on Blu-Ray and DVD on the same day.

Karen Austin, President at Sears and Kmart’s consumer electronics division said, “Collaborating with Sonic provides a great opportunity for Sears and Kmart to launch digital services for customers seeking even faster access to the latest in home entertainment experiences.”

The online entertainment industry in the US is on the expansion mode as majority of entertainment companies are launching digital services. US departmental store chain Wal-Mart has recently launched its online movie downloading service. Best-Buy is another potential competitor; however, Netflix is still the leading online service provider and thus, will not lose its importance for a while at least.

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