Retail Technology adds 41 countries to its database

Data to help retailers with efficient foreign deliveries adds 41 countries to its database, the provider of online international address lookup software, now have additional 41 countries’ address data on their database, including those of popular UK trade partners Canada and New Zealand, and the complete county data for the United States.

This announcement brings the total number of countries and territories supported by’s address lookup software to 112. Emma Gooderham, Managing Director of, comments, “In order for UK retailers to take full advantage of valued international trade partners, they must be suitably equipped to meet the demand from these countries, a crucial element of which is the ability to deliver accurately to foreign locations.”

This update comes after the release of the Royal Mail-sponsored 2012 International Delivery Report, issued by retail and hospitality technology provider Micros. The report recommended that for successful e-commerce, it is important to support international address lookup and accurate address capture,as some 24% of international deliveries from e-commerce sites arrive late.

Individual countries’ addresses are typically not structured uniformly, which entails difficulty in coordination when one has to import from or export to multiple countries simultaneously. claims to take raw address data from individual countries and restructuring the dataset into the Universal Postal Union’s international addressing templates – the Standard S42 format.

The 41-strong latest batch of new countries restructured in this fashion includes Canada and New Zealand – who were particularly sought after by’s customers – and Russia, China and India –three other top trade partners of UK.

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