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VeriFone changes the landscape of the London taxi market

The 'taxi of tomorrow' opens up yet another door to brand advertising while providing one of the most accessible platforms of marketing to the UK's most urbanised area
 VNET and Sky have teamed up

VeriFone Media has unearthed a new avenue for marketing and advertising, in a process which has already enticed some of the world’s biggest brands to invest.

The VeriFone Digital Network (VNET) is already established across 12,000 taxis globally, gracing cities such as New York, Boston, Chicago and Las Vegas. Last year though, the company infiltrated one of the most infamous modes of travel in the world; the London taxi cab.

Since the acquisition the company has thrived in providing not only external advertising wraps, but also in-taxi digital content. However the latest development promises to excel the trend of combining travel and marketing to a whole new level.

Mark Roberts, Vice President of VeriFone Taxi Systems and Media explains: “The new partnership with Sky is the next step in VNET’s evolution. VNET will deliver Sky’s breaking news to passengers as they travel around the capital, providing passengers with access to entertainment and news on the move.

VNET also provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to engage directly with their audience through targeted promotions and information. In-taxi adverts reach affluent business professionals and consumers inside the taxi when they are at their most receptive and least distracted.”

Furthermore, in the past year, VeriFone has also implemented a ‘tap and go’ contactless card to change the face of taxi payments for smaller fares.

“VNET is more than a screen in the back of a taxi; it’s an integrated payment card acceptance and in-vehicle entertainment system. In the run up to the London Olympics, we’re supplying, installing and servicing VNET units free of charge to all of London’s licensed black cabs. We see it as the ‘taxi of tomorrow’”, enthuses Roberts.

He continues: “VNET is a fantastic opportunity to repurpose video content, extend the life of a campaign and bring it to a new platform, and potentially a new audience.”

It is thought that by using the iconic London cab, brands will see this as an ideal advertising platform to spread the word quickly and intimately.

The trend has seemingly made waves already with leading retailers who have seen the potential in this format, especially in relation to events in and around the capital. “We had a flurry of bookings for taxi wrap campaigns around London Fashion Week 2011 for Swarovski and Marc Jacobs; and fashion events for Vogue and Rimmel,” Roberts recalls.

“VeriFone Media has also signed up Coach, Westfield, Selfridges and Stella McCartney.”

The success behind the process stems from its innovative nature and competitive edge. It is able to provide a visual experience different to familiar static billboards, while being assured of a sit-down audience.

Roberts concludes: “VNET is now widely accepted as a ‘must do’ for any successful DOOH (digital out of home) campaign. 

“As taxis are so versatile, advertisers will be making more use of them and perhaps we will see the digital screens on the exterior of cabs as well.

“2012 is such an important year in London, and we anticipate substantial demand from both major brands and local businesses targeting affluent Londoners and international visitors. VNET is ready with a range of flexible taxi-based advertising packages and innovated services to take campaigns further.”

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