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Istanbul is introduced to the 'future of dining'

TOT Istanbul signs a deal with E-table to deliver a new interactive restaurant concept in Turkey
 Compurants e-table: the future of dining

Compurants Limited, the creators of the unique and patented E-Table interactive ordering system, has announced an agreement to license its technology to TOT Istanbul for an exciting new food service concept.

TOT Istanbul is a newly formed company with plans to launch a new restaurant concept using E-Table technology and to open its first restaurant in Istanbul soon. With significant backers, TOT Istanbul also plans to open further restaurants thereafter and to become the leading operator using new interactive technology in the hospitality sector in the region.

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The E-Table system was developed by Compurants Ltd and installed at the highly successful Inamo restaurant in Wardour Street, Soho, London in 2008. A second restaurant to use the E-Table, Inamo St James, ‘the world’s largest interactive restauraunt’ was opened in 2010 on London’s Regent Street. Subsequently, Compurants has licensed the technology to a number of other clients in Europe.

The E-Table system continues to stand out in the global hospitality market as a quantum leap forward in the way restaurant operators can deliver outstanding new guest experiences and superior service. In addition, the way the E-Table delivers business benefits to restaurant operators continues to generate significant interest from around the world.

Mark Boyle Sales Director at Compurants said of the partnership: “We are delighted to be working with the innovative team at TOT Istanbul and to helping them deliver an exciting new restaurant concept.

“We look forward to building a long term relationship with TOT Istanbul to further develop the new emerging market for interactive restaurant ordering systems in the region.”

Tunc Gokce, Managing Partner at TOT Istanbul, echoed the pleasure voiced over the affiliation: “We are excited to be bringing E-Table Technology to Turkey to offer a ‘unique dining experience’ and raise the bar in innovative dining. Soon, our restaurant guests in Turkey will – for the first time - meet with the ‘future of dining’ and with the support of the market leader E-Table team, we aim to develop TOT Istanbul as a fast growing brand.”   

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