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CloudApps announce Sears Canada as newest client

The innovative company's software is set to speed up the Canadian retailer's auditing process from a matter of months to weeks
 CloudApps announce Sears Canada as newest client

CloudApps, the award-winning provider of sustainability performance management software, has signed retail giant Sears Canada as its latest customer. 

The company will deploy its Sustainability Suite across Sears’s portfolio; including 122 full-line stores, 48 Sears Home stores and 11 outlet stores, capturing carbon, energy and waste data from the sites, encouraging site managers to be responsible for reducing usage.

£3.2 billion retailer, Sears Canada is extremely conscious about its environmental impact and is constantly seeking innovative ways to reduce its overall footprint. It is hoped that the innovation will start reaping rewards within 12 months.

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Currently a market leader, the retailer encourages customers to buy Energy Star qualified products and is implementing a sustainability culture across its internal operations.

Previously, Sears had a clear but time-intensive reporting process, using complex spreadsheets to report on energy use and waste management, but is now looking to become more time efficient and flexible in its processes, enabling quicker access to the data and improvement strategies.

CloudApps is also renowned for its ability to assign sustainability goals to clients, paying close attention to the roles of the employees, making it especially appealing to a retailer such as Sears.

CloudApps will further automate Sears’s disclosure reporting - previously a manual process - allowing it to disclose environmental performance to the Carbon Disclose Project (CDP) in half the time.

 James Gray-Donald, Sears Sustainability Leader, highlighted the importance of the new affiliation in regards to his company’s environmental footprint: “At Sears, we are always looking to improve our business and make it more successful. We spent two years looking for the right solution to bring our environmental data to life. With the depth and breadth of analytics provided by CloudApps, site managers will have total visibility of what is being used; it is expected that performance incentives will be offered if they meet certain targets.”

Peter Grant, CEO CloudApps, echoed Donald’s comments, and stated that there was never going to be a better time for a store such as Sears to capitalise on the latest trend:  “The retail industry has always been a leader in innovation and by implementing the latest technology Sears is now paving the way in sustainability. It is serious about its impact on the world and using the cloud is the fastest and most cost-effective way to deliver solutions to its multiple sites. CloudApps is powering retail giants such as Sears and Lush Cosmetics to cut costs faster, dramatically reducing the substantial amount of a business’ budget that is spent on running lights, heating offices and managing waste. ”

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