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Burlesque store introduces smartphone app

A retail student has created a completely original app to help advertise a retro store in Edinburgh
 Miss Dixiebelle has become the first store to utilise a..

An Open University student has taken time from her studies to create an app for smartphones, from which she can advertise Emma Dixon’s retro burlesque boutique.

Bonnie Lawson-Brown, 33, was proud to see her Silver IMP app taken up by Miss Dixiebelle in the Scottish capital, and believes the system will soon take off elsewhere too, given its capabilities.

“Customers can download the app onto their smartphone and then receive special offers and information as they walk down the street. Tourist attractions could even use the app to give out information about historic buildings,” she explained.


Lawson-Brown comissioned xDesign365 to create the app, following their work alongside the likes of Eastern Western Motor Group and Sainsbury's in the past. The app is also set to be introduced to Android phones in the next month. 

The apps’ role in Scotland may also take on extra significance in 2014, upon the start of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow – a huge incentive for Lawson-Brown to continue her work, both in and out of the classroom.

Extending her reach further, she is also set for talks in London over the next week. Major high street chains in England’s largest city have shown an interest in the app, and Lawson-Brown will be given the chance to promote the advantages of it to some of Britain’s largest retailers.

Looking further into the future, the mature student also hopes to improve the app and take its success internationally. This will include translating the app into as many as five new languages, so that international visitors can also sign up to the adverts and promotions delivered as part of the app package. Given the prosperity of the Edinburgh Festival and the chaos that ensues at the popular event each year, the success of the app could easily sky rocket as a consequence of an immediate, interactive promotion platform.

Regardless of future endeavours though, Lawson-Brown will always remember where the magic began, in Emma Dixon’s burlesque boutique.

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