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Kindle Touch 3G launch brought forward

The UK will be enjoying their new e-reader ahead of time, but there is skepticism over the new product's value
 Kindle Touch 3G heading to the UK

An unexpected demand for the new Kindle has enticed the powers-that-be to bring forward the UK launch date.

The move has come to satisfy the early birds who had pre-ordered the device, and the system will be delivered to each customer in order of sales.

Kindle’s new standard version of the Touch brand will arrive on British shores a week later, as originally planned - the difference between the two devices being the 3G’s ability to receive ordered books for free, which is intended to breach the £60 price gap between the two models.


Amazon Kindle Chief, Dave Limp has explained the need for the product’s release to be brought forward.

 "Orders from customers worldwide for our new line of electronic ink Kindles have exceeded our expectations. We know that customers are eager to get their hands on our newest Kindle which is why we’re delighted to be able to ship several days earlier than we planned," he stated.

Mr Limp’s decision may also be a consequence of trends being seen in the US where the Kindle Touch 3G has been available for some time now. However, with pre-orders of the e-reader being overfilled on the East of the Atlantic, Amazon were left with little option if they are to satisfy demand of the £109 basic version a week later.

Despite all the good news coming out of Amazon, many experts in the industry are wary on behalf of consumers who may have rushed in without weighing up their e-reading options.

Sony have had the touch screen e-reader at their disposal for some time, while Kobo have similar capabilities and announced a partnership with large UK retail chain, WHSmiths last week.

Furthermore, Kindle aren’t exactly struggling to make sales on their existing products either, begging the question as to whether the new upgrade is worth the extra expense.

For the full pushed-forward 3G option, consumers will have to part with £169 of their hard-earned disposable income, as opposed to the original’s bargain price which sits at £89. This is still a noticeable £20 cheaper than the new Kindle Touch without 3G capabilities.

You would perhaps expect the new release to be so above and beyond its precursors that the extra outlay would be more than worth it. However, reviews coming out of the US are voicing concerns that the performance is perhaps slower as a result of the e-reader add-ons, and no better in terms of convenience.

However, the Kindle still remains the benchmark device on the market, and the pulling factor of being a new, exciting gadget is likely to eclipse the little foibles moaned about by the ‘experts’.

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