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Housebites: Re-Inventing Takeaway

Internet start-up Housebites are storming the takeaway market with an innovative and unique spin on the delivery market
 Housebites takeaways are all about the taste

Pioneered by a mix of internet gurus, including Paul Birch of Bebo fame, and culinary experts such as Andy Oliver, Housebites is attempting to revolutionise the online food market.  Many people will be familiar with Just Eat, the online service which allows you to order takeaway food online from traditional takeaway restaurants, but Housebites is an attempt to provide a higher quality culinary experience for its customers. 

A start-up with a tasty amount of, as they put it, entrepreneurial zest, their service allows customers to order food from top chefs in their neighbourhood and have it delivered directly to their door:

“Imagine: if you could have a high quality meal from an experienced chef, with the ease of a normal takeaway,”  the team says on their website.

All of the chefs have been ‘taste tested’ by the lucky Housebites staff to ensure continuing legitimacy of the project.

Each Chef has a profile detailing themselves and basic food interests, as well as a little about their experience and specialisations.  Each has a unique menu, so that you can choose a dish which suits you. 

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 The review service, also included on the website, means that there is scope for success for chefs who are dedicated to excellent food, and, if you live in an area with a good selection of different chefs, the chances are that the competition amongst chefs will produce appetising results for the customer. 

It remains to be seen whether the business will be viable in the long run, or if the temptation to the traditional greasy takeaway is too much for consumers to break away from, but no doubt Housebites will tantalise some taste buds, and there is indeed a market for such a business.  

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