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An engagement ring to boldly go...

A young designer has created the perfect ring for Trekkers (Star Trek fans) to pop the ultimate question and face the final frontier
  Cheaper than most, for many it will be worth millions

Designed by Canadian Valarie Lazutina, who owns the online shop VaLa Jewellery, the original incarnation of the ring resulted from a client’s request for a Star Trek-inspired engagement ring earlier this year.

Lazutina told Huffpost Weddings:

“He wanted to propose to (his girlfriend) at the Sci-fi Convention in Colorado in front of Jonathan Frakes (famous for not only playing Commander William T. Riker on ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, but for also directing a number of Star Trek episodes and feature films).”

The Jewellery Arts Program graduate continued:

“He sent me some photos with the initial design ideas that he had. From that point on we worked together and came up with this final ‘Star Trek’ insignia engagement ring.”  


The ring mimics the iconic Starfleet insignia made famous by the original Star Trek series of the late 1960s, a series which has gone on to spawn another four television series, an animated series, 11 films and countless books, comics and games to date.

The handmade, custom ring is offered in either sterling silver, 14K white gold or yellow gold and is studded with a 3mm round brilliant white sapphire, a stone more commonplace in the fictional universe of Star Trek than the traditional diamond.

The ring is available from Etsy, an online marketplace bringing together unique handmade and vintage items created by 800,000 independent businesses from across the world, and costs US$500 (approximately £329.75).

Since the original ring was created, Lazutina has so far received a number of requests for similar pieces, not only from Star Trek fans, with several destined for gifts as well as the expected marriage proposals.

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