Now that the holiday season is upon us Retail Digital revisits some of the most popular stories of 2011

Celebrity clothing lines are a popular trend in the fashion world. Many stars including Jessica Simpson (check out her Summer Maxi) and Victoria Beckham to the Olsen twins have managed to achieve great successes with their respective ranges. However, it is not sufficient for a popular celebrity to just put their name and face to a product as the following celebs prove.

Retail Digital looks at the top five celebrity clothing line flops which crashed, burned and quickly vanished.

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez created Sweetface in 2003. The high-end urban street-wear line, which was sold at retailers like Intermix, made $200 million in 2006. Its appeal started to dwindle rapidly after this forcing Jlo to shut down her clothing line in 2009 after poor sales. Jlo, who is now a judge on American Idol following a successful return to the music world, has admitted that the failure of her clothing line was one of the biggest disappointments of her career.   

Heidi Montag


The Hills star Heidi Montag launched Heidiwood for Anchor Blue back in 2008. The budget clothing line included everything from evening dresses to clutch purses ranging from $10 to $60. From the onset, Montag’s range was heavily criticised by the fashion world and not taken seriously.  Heidiwood received a backlash from critics. It was branded trampy and likened to streetwalker and stripper wear. It was equally unpopular with consumers and was discontinued after just six months.  

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Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan’s 6126 line for Emanuel Ungaro was a complete flop.  The Mean Girls actress launched her contemporary collection of leggings, which was inspired by Marilyn Monroe, in 2009. The line received a hostile response from critics who branded it embarrassing, cheesy and dated. Kanye West reportedly referred to LiLo’s line as the “911 for celebrities doing fashion” while Emanuel Ungaro himself admitted Lohan’s collaboration with the French fashion brand was a complete disaster.   

David Hasselhoff

Malibu Dave  

After famously claiming to be “as popular as Elvis” former Baywatch heartthrob David Hasselhoff decided to launch his own celebrity clothing line in 2006. The Hoff’s surf clothing range, Malibu Dave, failed to take off and quickly vanished without a trace.


Outkast Clothing

Grammy award winners Outkast jumped on the celebrity clothing line bandwagon in 2002 with their line, Outkast Clothing. The hip-hop duo, André Boi” Patton, promised fans everything from the furs and the leathers to the hats. However, upon its release the pair admitted that they would never wear a single one of the items they were promoting. Needless to say the clothing line didn’t take long to crash.    

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