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Sexiest retail adverts of the year

Retail Digital looks at some of the sexiest and most controversial adverts from the past year
 Diesel cause controversy


Now that the holiday season is upon us Retail Digital revisits some of the most popular stories of 2011

Advertising is a powerful tool and is all around us. Advertisers are increasingly using sexy images of scantily clad attractive men and women to somehow inspire us to purchase products they endorse. Sex sells and is attention-grabbing. Sometimes it can be seen as a ‘cheap-shot’ and negatively affect a brands image but it can have a positive impact.

Most of the adverts featured in this piece were considered too racy and as a result banned from our magazines and television screens. However, they made people stand up and take notice and attracted attention to the products because of their controversial nature without jeopardising the reputation of the brand. Some even went viral. This would never have happened if the brands advertising their products would have played it safe.

Retail Digital takes a look at some of the sexiest and most controversial adverts from 2010 and this year.


Heat perfume

Beyonce turned up the heat a little too much in the advert for her new perfume in November 2010. The commercial, which began with an image of the singer lying naked in a room, was been deemed ‘too sexually provocative’ and banned from daytime TV in the UK.  Beyonce is the second most successful celebrity woman in the US. Reports show that she earned $89 million last year, putting her second only to Oprah Winfrey in the US and criticism that she is too sexually provocative is likely to enhance rather than harm her earning potential.

Serena Williams 

Top Spin 4 Wii game

An advertisement for a Wii game that featured tennis ace Serena Williams caused mixed reactions when it was leaked on to the internet earlier this month. The ad promoting Top Spin 4, which shows Williams in a very revealing black costume while she’s playing the game in full flight, sweating and grunting became a viral hit. With many believing it to be too controversial and racy, it was considered unsuitable for television in the US and the idea was scrapped by the games developer’s 2K sports.   

Paris Hilton     

Devassa beer

Paris Hilton's sultry appearance in a beer commercial was accused of being too hot for television in Brazil and banned from screens in 2010. The advert featured the blonde hotel heiress in a short black dress preening and rubbing a can of Devassa beer on herself, to the delight of onlookers watching through her window. Brazil's regulations said that beer commercials cannot treat women as overtly sensual objects and believed the ad devalued women.



Last year edgy fashion-house Diesel came under fire for its ‘Be Stupid’ clothing adverts, which were deemed to be too sexually explicit and likely to cause serious offence. The provocative adverts sported the slogan: "Smart may have the brains, but stupid has the balls. Be stupid. Diesel." One showed a woman exposing her breasts to a security camera and the other was of a woman taking a photograph down her bikini bottoms. Diesel defended the adverts, arguing that they "portrayed a strong and unexpected image of femininity". However, they were banned by The Advertising Standards Authority, which claimed they breached decency rules and could be seen by children.ands on a bottle. The perfume has sold out worldwide after it was revealed as the scent the Duchess of Cambridge wore for her wedding day. Middleton mania strikes again. 

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