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Rovio and Angry Birds to partner with Starbucks

As the fastest-growing consumer brand in history, Rovio is looking to convert its digital success with Angry Birds into the physical retail world
 Angry Birds is the fastest-growing brand in history acc..

Angry Birds is the fastest-growing consumer brand in history according to the game’s creator Rovio Mobile.

The game, which features small birds using a sling to destroy an enemy pig’s lair, has achieved phenomenal success since its release in 2009.

There has been high demand for the popular mobile-phone game, which has been downloaded more than 350 million times.

Rovio Entertainment is hoping to capitalise on the games success with a range of merchandise including books and t-shirts.

Angry Birds soft toys have recently entered the retail space, selling at the rate of one million pieces a month.
The company is also planning a movie version of the game in the coming years.
Angry Birds to partner with Starbucks?
Angry Birds is reportedly coming to Starbucks through in-store promotions and possible leader boards to entice gamers into the popular coffee chain.
“It’s tying in the real world with the virtual world. Retailers get new customers who’ve not been to their stores yet, and repeat customers," said Wibe Wagemans, a senior vice president of Rovio Entertainment.
Starbucks is currently considering offering virtual goods and setting up electronic leader boards in store to tout top-scoring Angry Birds players.
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