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OnLive cloud gaming to come to the UK

British gamers will soon be able to enjoy a new cloud gaming service: OnLive, which removes the necessity for traditional hardware and discs
 OnLive cloud gaming to come to the UK

Cloud gaming platform OnLive will be available to UK users from 22 September, it has been announced.

The system allows users to play games without the hardware and discs necessary with traditional games consoles.

The platform can be used with PCs, Macs, tablets, mobile phones and HD telephones.

All that is needed for the OnLive gaming experience is a broadband connection, a controller and a receiver (if the system is being used on a TV).

The service has already been available in the United States for about a year.

The company has set up a new European server facility in Luxembourg especially for its new players.

OnLive Founder Steve Perlman differentiated between cloud gaming via OnLive and online gaming via other gaming platforms.

"People use OnLive differently than they would use XBox Live or PlayStation," he told BBC News.

"There's quite a lot of overtime [on a console] you wait for the disk to install or the download then there might be an update to download.

"With OnLive, everything is instant, you just click a button an play the game."

Even on the lowest connection speed, OnLive uses 450MB of data an hour.

The company will therefore negotiate with internet providers, whose fair usage policies would usually prohibit the use of such a data-consuming system.

BT will be the official provider. Pricing information is yet to be announced.

OnLive 2011 anthem:

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