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Middle East chews more gum than USA

Study throws up interesting statistics
 Middle East chews more gum than USA

Iran and Saudi Arabia have beaten all the others in their love for chewing gum.

A study released by Kantar Media says that while 59% of American citizens love chewing gum, 82% of Iranian people are hooked to it. In Saudi Arabia, 79% of the people are chewing gum lovers.

This comes across as a surprise, because Americans are known for their habit of chewing gum, and is also the home to Wrigley, which is the most popular global brand.

The latest Factoid research shows that Western countries fall far behind Middle Eastern nations in this regard. Spain comes after USA, with 54% of citizens being avid gum chewers, followed by France and Poland. Asian countries like Malaysia and Thailand are those where gum chewing is the least popular.

Most popular global brands are Orbit, which is preferred by 35% customers worldwide, followed by Chic, which is the favourite of 26% shoppers. Banana(Mozi) and Relax follow. In Saudi Arabia, Nova is the most popular brand, preferred by 31% shoppers, apart from Batook and Gandour, which are hold sway over 26% and 24% of the customers, respectively.

The varying patterns in gum chewing habits may be attributed to local customs. For example, in Middle Eastern countries, it is a commonplace practice to hand out chewing gum to customers in lieu of change. However, in Asia, especially in South East Asia, people favour chewing betel leaves and areca nuts as digestives and also as mouth fresheners. Singapore, incidentally, is known for its strict rules against spitting chewing gums out, and even penalize the guilty.

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