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John Lewis to offer own broadband service

Britain's favourite middle class department store has broadened its horizons once again as it continues to infiltrate new markets
 John Lewis launches own broadband package

John Lewis has unveiled its own broadband and telephone service in the hope that it will follow in the footsteps of 2010’s insurance product.

When the UK store began offering insurance two years ago, there was scepticism regarding over-ambition and zealousness, but following a 45 percent increase in uptake of the service during that period, John Lewis have decided to breach yet another industry.


Telecommunication and internet providing is currently dominated by the likes of Sky, Virgin Media and, of course, BT, but there are indications that retailers such as John Lewis could compete with the big guns. Tesco attempted the same feat recently to optimistic feedback, and now the middle-class chain will hope they can entice a different demographic similarly.

They have always maintained a positive reputation in terms of quality and customer services, while not always offering the cheapest prices. Despite a small fall in profits last year, it is still this philosophy that consumers know that they are getting from John Lewis, and they should expect to see the same from their new packages.

The standard internet deal will work up to 16MB/sec with the option of a 20GB allowance, all for £11 per month. The unlimited option will work at the same speed but as the name suggests, there is boundless data allowance, and for a competitive £18 each month. Finally, there is also a fibre service – a significant package if they are to rival the likes of Sky or BT – which is limited to 100GB of data, but will cost prospective customers £25 per month. All the packages come with an additional telephone option for £13.50, and works on a 12 month contract.

All the packages are available in their numerous high street stores, or alternately, consumers can sign up online. Their no customer fees and free customer support promises also keep within the typical John Lewis customer service levels that their loyal followers have come to expect. A wireless router and security package is also being developed to complete the entire broadband offering.

Adam Brown from John Lewis Telecoms is keen to encourage their familiar shoppers to put their trust in them once again.

"We know our customers want the same honest and trustworthy experience from their internet provision as they would expect from any product they buy from us," he stated.

Their own-branded product will replace their current Greenbee and Waitrose broadband services upon its launch.

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