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Hamleys predict top ten toys for Christmas 2012

Now we are officially closer to next Christmas than last, one of the world's biggest toy stores has revealed its predictions for what it thinks will be this year's Buzz Lightyear, Furby or Nintendo Wii
 Retro brands differ from the more modern toys

There is a decidedly retro-feel to Hamleys prediction this year, including several names and brands many of us will remember from our own childhoods, in stark contrast to the more-expected ultra-modern electronic devices.

Should the list prove decisive, and Hamleys has a relatively solid reputation for making accurate predictions, toy manufacturer Mattel, already the world's largest toy company, will be the big winner, making three out of the ten, with Hasbro just behind on two.

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The full list includes:

Monster High Dolls (Mattel) – Similar to the widely popular Bratz Dolls (by MGA Entertainment), these are more suited to Halloween than Christmas, inspired as they are by Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman

Barbie Train to Trot Tawny/Puppy Play Park (Mattel) – Even though she’s over 50, Barbie doesn’t seem to be slowing down, with a host of new friends and accessories  

Master Moves Mickey (Mattel) – The iconic character gets a modern update, breakdancing to 8 preloaded songs and able to perform 15 individual moves

Web-Shooting Spider-Man (Hasbro) – Motorised action figure hoping to cash-in on the release of this summer’s blockbuster, The Amazing Spider-Man

Moshi Monster App Monster (Vivid) – Free app to bring Moshi Monster toys to life

Innotab 2 (VTech) – An e-book, games console, microphone and camera all in one easy-to-use device

LeapPad 2 Explorer (LeapFrog)

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle of Helms Deep (Lego) – Another quality, yet expensive, tie-in from the long-standing Danish company

Nerf Elite Hail Fire (Hasbro) Nerf’s products always prove poplar, with the Elite Hail Fire supplied with 24 darts and capable of firing them up to 75 feet

Subbuteo (Paul Lamond) – The renowned football game returns with increased accuracy and options

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