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German fashion designer uses milk to create luxury clothes

Anke Domaske has created a new fabric called QMilch, which is made from natural materials
 Anke Domaske has invented a new milk fibre called QMilc..


A German designer is making waves in the fashion industry after creating a new fabric made from milk.
Anke Domaske claims that the new fabric called QMilch, which is made from high concentrations of the milk protein casein, has many health benefits.
The young designer claims that the amino acids in the protein are anti-bacterial and anti-ageing and can regulate both blood circulation and body temperature.  
QMilch will also appeal to fans of eco-friendly fashion because it is made entirely from natural materials.
Domaske has estimated that it will take around 6 litres of milk to make a dress costing between 150 to 200 euros.  
Domaske is not making throw-away fashion but timeless classics for the luxury market. Clothes made from the milk fibre will not decompose because of the heating process used to bind the molecules together.
Domaske’s fashion label Mademoiselle Chi Chi, which is a favourite with many top celebrities including Mischa Barton and Ashlee Simpson, has already started to use the milk fibre in its clothes.
The designer is currently planning an exclusive collection made entirely from the milk fibre for men.
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