Tom Ford is a highly respected fashion designer and important figure in today’s pop culture world. Retail Digital brings you five interesting facts about the former Gucci Creative Director and celebrates his many achievements in and outside of the fashion sphere.  

He is an architect graduate

In 1986, Tom Ford graduated in interior architecture from Parsons, The New School for Design in New York. A young Ford showed a great interest in fashion. As part of his studies Ford completed some intern work with famous luxury label Chloe in Paris. This sparked his ambition to succeed in the tough fashion industry.

After a number of unsuccessful attempts to find work, Ford finally had his big break. He convinced and charmed designer Cathy Hardwick into giving him an interview after bombarding her with phone calls. Ford was hired for two years before switching over to Perry Ellis until 1990.    

He saved Gucci

Ford joined the Italian fashion house Gucci in 1990. He started off as the company’s women’s wear designer before being promoted to Design Director. In 1992 he was appointed Creative Director of Gucci. Ford was responsible for designing all product lines, which ranged from clothing to perfume, as well as for the group’s corporate image and store design. Tom Ford saved the company from extinction and completely transformed the brand.

The talented designer almost single-handedly brought Gucci back to the forefront of the fashion industry. He reportedly worked regular 18 hour days and kept a scrapbook by his bed so that he was always prepared if he had a charge of creativity. His determination and hard work definitely paid off. Ford left Gucci in 2004 due to creative differences.     

He is cutting-edge

Tom Ford is cutting-edge and controversial. He is renowned for his use of sexual imagery in his adverts, which continue to push the boundaries. In fact, many of Ford’s ads have been banned for their overtly sexual nature. Some of Ford’s raciest adverts for his own brand have included a woman suggestively grabbing a man’s crotch and a man sticking fingers inside a woman’s mouth. His campaigns, although controversial, pull in sales.    

He is a successful film-maker

Tom Ford created his own production company, Fade to Black, in 2005. Ford made his film directorial debut with A Single Man four years later. The film, which starred Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, was nominated for a Golden Lion award. In 2009, Tom Ford was nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards including Best First Feature and Best First Screenplay. The success of the film silenced Ford’s critics who originally had laughed at the fashion designer turning his hand to film-making.  

He has a personal net worth of over $250m

At 50 years old Tom Ford has achieved phenomenal success and amassed an equally impressive fortune. His signature umbrella brand includes product lines ranging from clothing to perfume. The Tom Ford brand is widely known and well respected. It is stylish, sexy and at the forefront of fashion.  His designs are popular with men and women alike. Some of Ford’s male celebrity customers include Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Bradley Cooper, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.  

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