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Booker develops sandwich range with 14 day shelf life

The super sandwiches will be sold at a number of convenience stores across the UK for £1.49
 New sandwich range will have a two-week shelf life

Booker, one of Britain’s leading wholesalers, has developed a new sandwich range with a 14 day shelf life.

Sandwiches are among the nation’s favourite snacks with the sandwich industry worth an estimated £2.8bn.

Booker has found a niche in the market with its bionic sandwich but will it be a hit with consumers?

The super sandwiches, which will retail at £1.49, come in an array of flavours including chicken and bacon, ham and cheese and chicken tikka in addition to cheese and onion and cheese ploughmans.

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The sandwiches will be made from wholemeal bread, which has been chosen for its longevity, and will not feature any perishable ingredients.

The main ingredients are all mixed with mayonnaise, which is slightly more acidic than normal mayonnaise and has a lower pH, to stop the fillings from deteriorating.

Ray Boggiana, the food technologist who helped design and develop the sandwich range, also highlighted that lettuce and tomatoes have been omitted because of their tendency to go soggy.

The main method for enhancing the shelf life of the sandwiches is down to basic food technology.

Oxygen is removed from the snack’s packaging and replaced with nitrogen and carbon dioxide as part of the protective atmosphere packaging.  

This ‘gas-flushing’ process is used in packaged sliced meats, according to Boggiana.

Despite the sandwiches’ two-week shelf life, Booker has assured customers that the product will taste as good on day 14 as it does on the first day of purchase. 

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